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About us


We are a community of people who share a love of writing. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, poetry or anything other type of writing, there is someone here who shares your interest!

We aim to create an environment in which people can bring their work, get feedback and share their passion.

During the course of the term, we aim to bring in speakers for talks. This will include current authors, poets and other writers.

MT23 Termcard

Events will always be from 19:00 to 21:00. There will be wine at every event, and we encourage you to bring your own drinks and snacks. From 19:00 to 20:00, there will be a workshop, talk or event. From 20:00 to 21:00, there will be time for you to write alongside your fellow storytellers. Snacks and drinks will be provided, and chill music will be playing in the background.

Week 1

Introductions - October 14th

JCR - Trinity College

Join us to meet the committee, to connect with fellow writers, and to become a member of the growing Oxford Writers Society!

Week 2

Approaches to Writing - October 21st

JCR - Trinity College

Aimed for new writers, Approaches to Writing is an interactive talk about how to begin writing your first story.
You will be guided through the creation process of a writer, who introduces the five core aspects of a story - themes, worlds, plots, characters and styles - and how to go about producing a first plan for your story.

Week 3

The World of Publication - October 29th

JCR - Trinity College

Aimed for any writers who would like to explore the world of publishing, The World of Publication is a talk about self publishing and traditional publishing.
Q talks about the two types of publishing: self-publishing and traditional publishing. She goes over the key advantages and disadvantages with each method, and then provides a guide to going about them. This talk will help you decide which publishing route suits you best, and it will teach you the basics of how to get there. After the talk, there will be a Q&A session.

Week 4

Chill Vibes - November 4th

JCR - Trinity College

An extra hour of writing. Come in anytime and leave anytime you’d like! Food and drinks will be provided, and we encourage you to bring your own.

Week 5

Talking with Saga Hillbom - November 12th

JCR - Trinity College

Aimed for anyone, Talking with Saga Hillbom is a talk and Q&A with Saga Hillbom, writer of Princess of Thorns.

Saga Hillbom talks about characters, story structure, and general tips for the writing process. You will learn how to build complex characters and make them stand out, how to plan your story using models such as Save the Cat, and how to get from idea to finished manuscript with a little less hassle. After the talk, there will be a Q&A session.

Saga is a self-published author of several historical novels. In her writing, historical detail and accuracy is of the highest importance. There are few things she enjoys more than being immersed in the past through books, which is reflected by her choice of reading as well. Evocative prose, morally grey characters, and queer representation are further qualities she is drawn to in fiction.

Week 6

Reading Works - November 18th

JCR - Trinity College

A time for writers and poets to read excerpts from their own works or from others.

Week 7

Roundtable Discussions on Writing - November 25th

JCR - Trinity College

Join us to discuss topics of writing. The topic of discussion will be released by the end of Week 6, based on suggestions made by members of the Oxford Writers.

The Committee


Q Le (any/all)

Photo of President

Hi! I'm Q, the President of the Oxford Writers. I've been writing since I was 14, with 'Kafka on the Shore' inspiring me to take my first baby steps. I'm currently working on my first novel - a queer fiction story - with the hopes of getting published traditionally. With this committee, we will be working to make this society the best it can be!


Sanskriti Swarup (she/her)

Photo of Treasurer

I love to read pretty much anything, but especially fantasy fiction (like Cassandra Clare) or crime/thrillers.

Also, I’m currently working on a fantasy fiction trilogy!

I'm so excited to share my love for writing with others through this society! ☺


Niamh Balroop (she/her)

Photo of Secretary

I’m really excited to be Secretary of the Oxford Writers; reading and literature have always been hobbies of mine and I’m looking forward to making sure the Oxford Writers runs smoothly and enjoyably for everyone - feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns!

Events Manager

Saga Hillbom (she/her)

Photo of Events Manager

Hi! I’m Saga, the Events Manager of the Oxford Writers Club. Reading and writing are two of my main interests and have been from a very young age — I especially enjoy classics and historical fiction! As part of the committee I look forward to meeting more authors and readers, and help us all connect.

Social Media Manager

Ameal Wolf (they/them)

Photo of Social Media Manager

Hi, I'm Ameal, and I'm excited to be the Social Media Manager of the Oxford Writers. My favourite works are always those that embrace myth and unreality! Paradoxically, such works are often the places where your ability to perceive and understand the real becomes most acute.

I'm also the author of a short fantasy novel called 'Duskwood', and am currently working on a second novel.

IT Officer

Danny Bold (he/they)

Photo of IT Officer

Hi! I’m Danny, and I’m a third-year mathematician at Trinity College. I’m the IT Officer of the Oxford Writers. Reading has been a big hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. My interests have ranged from fiction like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to philosophy texts like Meditations by Aurelius or Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche, and I have also given writing poetry a go in the past.

Social Media

Let's write a poem!

Here is a poem written by our members on the first ever society meet:


To write is to engrave one’s thoughts
Though breaking in is iron-wrought,

To capture music from the air,
The sound of letters rings out fair.

But God in His wisdom fret not our cares; (l.l)
Nevertheless our spirit whispers the dares (a.m)

De ceux qui aiment bien rester solitaires.
Que leur determination soit encore claire.

Contouring the landscape on my mare,
I will look up to the skies and say a prayer.

The sky above is cloudy, obscuring every star;
My mind is full of clarity, I see the future far.

The brilliance of a blackness, the void to behold,
This pattern of destiny is mine to be filled.

A destiny filled is a troubling swallow;
A page filled never felt so hollow.

Words uncover a heart that shines
Clear, like the moon in the night.

Ushika is fire, she should back herself more
If you don’t write this year, I'll take you to the floor

Alice through the looking glass?

Stalking me when I go to class,

Who is Alice, you may ask?

Alice saw me eating grass.

The dog chased the cat.


The Alice chased the me
The end

…in the beginning

There was darkness, turmoiling
Potentials, altogether roiling
Birthless void, crying and coiling
As the universe was boiling.

But what of baldness?
Allow the cardinal this house to bless.

Forgive, forget, fuck.

Can I not write?

While blank pages call out
I can’t find verse to write about

Writer’s block? Never heard of her!
No thoughts…
Only cheese…
That’s it.

Wait what are you doing?
Is every single word I say getting on here?

Wait? Where am I?
I’m stuck in this poem.
This space. Thing.
Where am I?

Scooby dooby doo
Need to take a poo
Gotta solve that mystery…

The real mystery was who was I…
Rupi kaur told me I could fly
I believed her
I died.